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Records Management

Hours of Operation (Special Collections & Archives)

The Special Collections & Archives (SC&A) Department of the Auburn University Libraries provides records management services to Auburn University departments, schools, and offices. Working with the records generators and staff members who are responsible for maintaining such records, we help determine what happens to records when they are no longer current.

Many university records fall under the retention and disposal guidelines established by the Alabama State Records Commission. An electronic version of this document is available below.

Public Universities of Alabama Functional Analysis & Records Disposition Authority

The retention and disposal guidelines apply to University records in all formats, including electronic documents, microfilmed, or digitized images of paper-based material. Digitizing permanent records and discarding the originals requires adherence to guidelines established by the State Records Commission. Contact Tommy Brown for further information.

Downloadable Forms

Below are downloadable forms for use in managing your office records. Please use them according to the instructions provided. Destroying University records requires the prior approval of Special Collections & Archives.

Records Transmittal Form

Records Transmittal Instructions
  • Read these instructions and contact the Special Collections & Archives Department at 334-844-1732 or before submitting any records.
  • Records scheduled for permanent retention will be housed in Special Collections & Archives. The department does not accept non-permanent records. The retention period for records must be determined prior to transfer.
  • Complete the Records Transmittal Form. Make additional copies as needed.
  • List records by box number and by folder title. Place a copy of your completed forms in Box #1 and keep a copy for your department's active files.
  • Make sure that  John Varner or another SC&A staff member reviews your forms prior to transferring materials. Fax: 334-844-1704.
  • Place your files in archival containers (12"x15"x10") available from the Bookstore.
  • Mark the outside of each box with your unit or departmental name. Number the boxes thus: 1 of 15, 2 of 15, and so on.
  • Request that Facilities transfer your records to Special Collections & Archives, which is located on the ground floor of Ralph Brown Draughon Library.
  • When requesting access to your office records, please refer to the box number and folder title(s) listed on your transmittal form.
Certificate of Records Destruction
  1. To complete this form, please consult the Public Universities of Alabama Functional Analysis & Records Disposition Authority (RDA) guidelines established by the Alabama State Records Commission.
  2. Match the records you propose to destroy with the appropriate description in the RDA guidelines.
  3. Select the appropriate Record Title and Retention Period from the RDA guidelines.
  4. The RDA guidelines apply only to the record copy of a document. You can destroy duplicate copies when they outlive their usefulness to your department.
  5. Complete this form at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up or shredding day. Send the completed form for approval to John Varner in the Special Collections and Archives Department at the Draughon Library. Fax the form to 334-844-1704 to his attention.
  6. Do not destroy records until the form has been returned to you with the Special Collections Signature line complete. Include a copy of the signed form with the documents on the scheduled pick-up or shredding day.
  7. For information about shredding services, call the Waste Reduction and Recycling Department at 334-844-9461.
Procedures to Shred Records


Auburn University generates records that contain information that could be misused. Some examples are personnel records, student records, unused athletic tickets, financial records, and health records. Shredding of university records is available through the Facilities Division. The shredded paper will be recycled.


Prepare the form Certificate of Records Destruction in accordance with the instructions printed on the form.

The shredding vendor will visit 2-3 times per year (subject to change based on demand). The Auburn University Solid Waste/Recycling Manager will issue a notice when a shedding date is scheduled. Records generators will be invited to deliver boxes of confidential materials at the time and date specified. If transportation help is needed, contact the Facilities Division Help Desk (334-844-4357).

If quantities of paper exceed 50 boxes or if on-location records destruction service is required, contact the Auburn University Solid Waste/Recycling Manager (334-844-9430). The vendor can locate this shredding equipment next to a building and perform this service at extra charge. The containers of paper must be moved to the parking lot floor of the building within approximately 50 feet of where the document destruction vehicle must park.

Remove large binder clips (1 inch wide or greater) and 3-ring binders.

The generator's department will be billed for document destruction services based on cubic feet or number of boxes destroyed. Call the Solid Waste Coordinator (334-844-9430) for an estimate of costs.

Last updated: 10/25/2023