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Remote Lab

Welcome to the AU Libraries Remote Desktop Access Portal!

Through remote desktop you can access and use all of the Library’s software that you would normally be able to use on-site in the Media & Digital Resource Lab (MDRL), the RBD 2nd Floor Lab, and the Library of Architecture Design and Construction (LADC).

The portal has groups of computers from three on-site labs. The software in each group is slightly different, so please refer to the chart below before choosing a machine.

A few tips before you start:

  1. When accessing a machine please be patient, it takes time to create your profile before you see the remote machine desktop.
  2. Expect to see some lag in certain software. If your internet connection is slow or spotty, you may have problems; log out and try another machine; check your internet connection.
  3. Maximize your browser window and use F11 to go full screen for a better view.
  4. While in a remote session, use cloud storage to transfer files to the remote machine or drag and drop files onto the remote window and they will appear in a drive called Guacamole Filesystem.
  5. If you are idle for 30 minutes, you will be logged out and lose your work.

Available Software

Application Lab #1 Lab #2 Lab #3
Microsoft Office
MS PowerPoint X X X
MS Excel X X X
MS Word X X X
MS Access X X X
MS OneDrive X X X
MS OneNote X X X
MS Publisher X X X
Adobe: Full Suite of Adobe Creative Cloud
Photoshop CC X X X
InDesign CC X X X
Illustrator X X X
After Effects CC X X X
Animate CC X X X
Audition CC X X X
Character Animator CC X X X
Dimension CC X X X
Dreamweaver CC X X X
Fireworks CC X X X
Flash Builder CC X X X
InCopy CC X X X
Lightroom CC X X X
Muse CC X X X
Prelude CC X X X
Premiere Pro CC X X X
SpeedGrade CC X X X
Acrobat Pro X X X
Audio and Video
Audacity X X X
Web Browsers
Internet Explorer X X X
FireFox X X X
Chrome X X X
AutoCAD Architecture X X
A360 Desktop X X
3DS Max X X
Backburner X X
Maya X X
Mudbox X X
ReCap X X
Revit X X
Sketchbook X X
Erdas Imagine X X
Geomedia Professional X X
Lizardtech Geoviewer X
3D Rendering
Solid Edge ST8 X
SolidWorks X
SketchUP X
Additional Software
ChemDraw X
FileZilla X X X
IBM SPSS Statistics X X
Java Development Kit X
Wolfram Mathematica X
Last updated: 10/27/2020