Contact us via email or phone: 334-844-7398. Skilled staff with professional experience are available to help in the Innovation & Research Commons. Additional research support is available via AU Libraries' Research Support group.

  • Marilyn Floyd

    Marilyn Floyd Library Technical Specialist II

    Marilyn Floyd photo Library Technical Specialist II

    Phone: (334) 844-1759

  • Eileen Hall

    Eileen Hall Information Technology Specialist V

    Eileen Hall photo Information Technology Specialist V

    Specialities include: Graphic design and library science

    Phone: (334) 844-7103

  • Gary Hawkins

    Gary Hawkins Information Technology Specialist V

    Gary Hawkins photo Information Technology Specialist V

    Specialities include: 3D printing, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Electronics, Graphic Design, Broadcast Design, Illustration, Videography, Video Editing, Audio Editing, 3D Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Character Rigging, Animation, Special Effects, Rendering, Compositing, and experience in scripting/programming in object oriented languages.

    Phone: (334) 844-8067

  • Chelsy Hooper

    Chelsy Hooper Instructional Technology Specialist IV

    Chelsy Hooper photo Instructional Technology Specialist IV

    Specialities include: Adobe Creative Cloud, student instruction in multimedia, educational technology integration, faculty training, conference presentations, portfolios and design thinking

    Phone: (334) 844-8102
    ORCID iD

  • Ali Krzton

    Ali Krzton Research Data Management Librarian

    Ali Krzton photo Research Data Management Librarian

    Specialities include: Data management

    Phone: (334) 844-8268
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  • Jonah Lasley

    Jonah Lasley Instructional Technology Specialist II

    Jonah Lasley photo Instructional Technology Specialist II

    Phone: (334) 844-7902

  • Joyce Ledbetter

    Joyce Ledbetter TES Administrative Support RE

    Joyce Ledbetter photo TES Administrative Support RE

    Phone: (334) 844-1759

  • Lily McGuckin

    Lily McGuckin Tech III, Research

    Lily McGuckin photo Tech III, Research

    Phone: (334) 844-1766

  • Emily Sahib

    Emily Sahib Administrator II, Outreach Programs

    Emily Sahib photo Administrator II, Outreach Programs

    Phone: (334) 844-1765

  • Liza Weisbrod

    Liza Weisbrod Music and Government Information Librarian and I&RC DataSpace

    Liza Weisbrod photo Music and Government Information Librarian and I&RC DataSpace

    Phone: (334) 844-0954
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Last updated: 07/01/2024