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Procedures for Cataloging UMI Theses

UMI Cataloging from Copy

Fixed fields:

The following fields always have the same values. All others are treated the same as with books.

Type: t
Form: r
Ctry: xx_
Date type: s

Variable fields:

260 |c 1935.

(260 Date of thesis - use |c only)

300 |a vii, 240 leaves : |b ill.

(300 pagination always as leaves, |b used as applicable, |c used for height of original if known, if not - leave blank)

502 Thesis (Ph.D.)--Washington State University, 1935.

(502 Thesis (type of degree: Ed.D., Ph.D., M.A., etc.)--College or University name, year of thesis)

500 Abstract.

(If applicable)

500 Vita.

(If applicable)

504 Includes bibliographical references (leaves 230-235).

(504 always uses leaves for pagination)

533 Photocopy. |b Ann Arbor, Mich. : |c UMI, |d 1972. |e 28 cm.

(533 Reproduction type. |b Reproduction location : |c Reproduction publisher, |d date of reproduction. |e size of reproduction.)

539 s |b 1972 |d miu |e n |g r

(539 Date type |b Date 1 |c Date 2 |d Place of Pub |e Nonserial - always n |g form of item - always r for photocopy)

To Create a New Record from an Existing OCLC Record:

1. Call up existing record.

2. Type "mft;new;acd umi both" <F11> Be sure to put semicolons between the "mft" and "new" and between "new" and the "acd" command. "acd" will add standard information from the UMI constant data record, saving you a lot of typing.

3. Edit as necessary. You will have to change or fill in some fixed field values, add call numbers, and delete some of the 5xx fields added by the "acd" command.

4. Print the record.

5. Save the record by typing "s" <F11>. Record the save number on the workform.

6. Give workform and printout of the edited record to cataloger for checking.

7. When returned from cataloger, call up from the save file with the command "/1239" <F11> using the save record number previously written on the workform.

8. Make any changes indicated by cataloger.

9. Create the record by typing "u" <F11>.

10. Write the OCLC number of the new record on the workform. Overlay the NOTIS record with the new record.

11. Finish processing as usual.

NOTE: DO NOT CREATE A NEW UMI PHOTOCOPY RECORD IF ONE ALREADY EXISTS WITH A DIFFERENT DATE. OCLC policy states that you should use the UMI reprint record and change the dates in the 533 and 539 for your copy.