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Fast RUSH Processing Procedures

By Dana Caudle

As you know, all cataloging rush requests should be done ASAP, by the next day at the very latest but sooner if possible. Sometimes, even next day service is not fast enough. In such cases, the policy has been to flag the item for cat review and then send it out uncataloged. However, there have been some problems with items flagged for cat review being sent to the shelves instead of being sent back to the cataloger for complete cataloging upon return. This problem is particularly bad if the item is a nonprint one such as a CD-ROM or video that might be used in the library without being checked out.

Henry and I have come up with a solution to this problem. We have created a new 710 02 code for such materials. Now anyone can see which items are outstanding and Jack can pull reports by date instead of each individual periodically checking for uncataloged rushes on his or her own. The new code is: 710 02 $a QUNDONE for "undone." Hopefully, this will allow us to keep better control over rush materials, get them out quicker, and retrieve them for later cataloging with less chance that they will fall through the cracks.

Effective immediately, if a red rush meets one of the following conditions:

  • The patron must have the item within an hour or two.
  • The item will take more than one working day to catalog. [This includes original cataloging]
  • A cataloger or copy cataloger has too many rushes to get all of them out by the next day.
  • The item is a video, DVD, CD-ROM, or other nonprint item and the cataloger or copy cataloger who normally does it is on vacation, out sick, in meetings all day, or otherwise unavailable. [Whoever got the rush request should pull the item from that person's office and leave a note or email.]

Then use the following procedure to speed up the rush processing:

  • Check the title against the record already in the system. In the case of provisional records, make sure the title in Voyager matches that of the item in hand. If the patron needs it in one hour, any record is better than no record. Otherwise, try to locate the correct record in OCLC.
  • Check the call number or at least make sure it has some kind of call number for the spine label.
  • Add "710 02 $a QUNDONE" to the bib record.
  • Add your initials and date to the bib record.
  • Create the holdings record.
  • Create the item record, barcode the item, and flag it for cat review with a note to catalog it fully and any other details about what needs to be done upon return.
  • Walk the item to Physical Processing.